Boo Hoo

The world in 2021 has gone crazy! But how do you seperate the meaning from the phrase? The world has to be defined loosely as the population of the human species. There are many worlds, oh what it would be like to living in ‘your’ world. Whose world would you like to be living in? […]

Blast from the past 2011

British people are spoon fed News The year is 2011, 3 years after the Global financial crash 2008, simple maths! Only now we can see the effects of this financial meltdown and the devastating effects it has had on ordinary people. Yes, ordinary people. Not the likes of David Cameron who likes to think he […]

It’s a Trade Off

Opposites attract, birds of a feather flock together. It’s a general theme throughout our human history to discover patterns. Mathematics famously refers back to the Italian mathematcian whose patterns still fascinates and intrigues the human mind. Inspired nby such findings we progress and advance into the future. When we approach simple everyday issues that impact […]

Humans Travel to Safety

Moving from the country you’re born in is never an easy decision to make. But when your country is unsafe to live because of war what options do you have? In recent months the Syrian conflict the Ukranian and threats from ISIS around the world give concern for all no matter the country you live […]