Boo Hoo

The world in 2021 has gone crazy! But how do you seperate the meaning from the phrase? The world has to be defined loosely as the population of the human species.

There are many worlds, oh what it would be like to living in ‘your’ world.

Whose world would you like to be living in? Bill Gates? Donald Trump? Tom Cruise? Elton John? Escape reality for a few moments with a dream but not a lucid one, (lucid dreaming seems to be a new craze) but come back to reality.

As individuals we try to make sense of our world. The world within our mind and body. We can share our thoughts and trust people with our dreams. We can share our real life experiences with others and all sensations are still unique to each of us. No matter how hard we try to bond our physical experiences and sensations will remain unique. You can feel me and I will be touched you can hear me and we will both be stimulated. We are all unique and yet we endeavour to share our ‘positive’ moments.

But what happens when it all goes tits up. When you hit the skids. We all make mistakes. And mistakes come in all shapes and sizes. Mistakes that are not always ‘our’ fault. We blame ourself we blame others, we share or keep the secret its our mistake. Who do we trust with our experiences that we want to bury deep within and never to be found again.

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