Politicians Fail To Question

In the world of politics, politicians are asked questions about their daily actions. Their actions are purposefully directed towards making the lives of their constituents better. Of course they have to function as an ordinary peson too. But their focus as a public servant is to serve those who put them in this position of authority and power. How much power do they weild? What actions can they do withion the law to ensure the people in the community they serve have no hardship? All very broad one would rightly conclude. These people are not superhuman. They cannot perform miracles. So what is it they are capable of doing and what should be realistically expected from there constituents. And should there be a consistent pattern of behaviour for all politicians to follow to ensure an acceptable level of living standards for everyone. Lets not be under any illusion that within any society there are those that will have more than others. and this is where things can get complicated and out of control. Out of control when one person can be justified for be rewarded for doing something and someone else doing somethng similar is not justified. Make sense? Of course not, it’s too loose. What are they doing that is similiar who is rewarding? Politicians as it happens have very little power to make changes to the laws of the land. As individuals they can vote for changes to be made to the law. And here we start to depart into another area that is complicated. How complicated can a system be that is tasked with so many simple rules?

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