Blast from the past 2011

British people are spoon fed News

The year is 2011, 3 years after the Global financial crash 2008, simple maths! Only now we can see the effects of this financial meltdown and the devastating effects it has had on ordinary people. Yes, ordinary people. Not the likes of David Cameron who likes to think he is in touch with the ordinary but us very very far from being attached. It’s all smoke, mirrors and sound bites. He only this week quoted his daughter understanding some simple policy for not over spending… I am sure she will also learn as she gets older …

Big Fat Society

Never has the World been closer by means of communication yet our societies are so far apart. The UK has an opportunity to create a society that is close by nature. An opportunity and claim made by a new government led by Mr David Cameron.  The reality sir is that this is a mere smoke screen for cutting public expenditure.

Happiness Project

Are you happy?  Do you know if you are Happy? Smile and say after me, I am happy, I am happy, I am happy now spin yourself around 3 times anti clockwise and ask yourself 2 questions about yourself. For example, do you like the style of clothes you wear, Do I enjoy the food I eat, Would I change the way I look if I could afford cosmetic surgery. Only two questions and the first that pop into your mind. On a scale of 1 – 10 where would you put your answers to the two questions where 1 is very sad and …

Less Stress Travel Green

The UK campaign group for reducing the miles travelled by car claims that the level of stress caused by driving will be reduced if your journey is by another method other than car. Sounds like a mouthful right. Well, it’s simple.  All you need to do is plan your journey without considering your car. It’s a lot easier than you may imagine, even if you live in rural parts or isolated regions of the Country (Isolation can be a stress causing factor and that’s a subject all on its own). Most public transport systems cover even the remotest areas it’s just a matter of …

It’s not in the Mind – Marketing Shock

The research carried out and published this week in a book all about the failure of market research tells us one important thing, nothing! Despite clever questions being put together to unravel our tastes and desires the book and research points us to the already widely held believes about us.  We know what we like and we don’t always say what we like, we say what we think someone else would like us to say and not what we truly like.  Sound familiar, it should do because it’s no little or no more than good old fashioned conformity. Who is being conned …

Working Britain – UK Model Failed

It isn’t easy to state the Country you were born in is a failure, it’s a Country where the rich get richer and poor are expected to struggle through deprevation to success.  It doesn’t work like that for the masses and it is the masses that are let down time and time again by every single Government that comes to power.  Power is a very misused word, simply because power never really gets wielded to make things change for the better. Politicians have views and stick to the party line.  Time and time again all they do is talk and talk.  …

Curse of the British Workforce Alcohol

The Curse of the British workforce has always been referred to for the tendency to drink its self stupid for no apparent reason other than to ‘get pissed’.  We’re off out, where you off to – to the pub to get pissed. The forward thinking dictator of ‘getting wasted’ coupled with having a great time generally comes at a price and a profit and loss.  Getting trashed is not really going to benefit the individuals body. Yes, the price is heavy for those that loose their jobs, fail in their career and contribute the failing UK business struggling to emerge form recovery …

Loosing Weight and Self Esteem

During the last 10 years loosing weight has become a big theme for practically everyone on the planet. The big debate seems to focus around 2 main issues. Being over weight is bad for health and being too thin is equally as bad for the health. Two extremes and practically unrelated or are they? If the two extremes are unrelated it’d be easy to resolve the issues concerning each respective pole. Being too fat is due to over eating being too thin is because of starvation or more recently taking dietary suppression tablets. These are two …

Benefits of Hugging

The touch by another human is said have healing properties. Of course we do not and should not go around hugging strangers. Hugging friends and relatives and those close to us in times of jubilation and sadness can make things a whole lot better. Why is it that we feel better for receiving and giving hugs is a bit of a mystery and like all things in psychology it can be explained and talked about but not fully understood at least not in a scientific manner.

World Cup Football – Depression

It was reported recently that during the World Cup football domestic violence increases and over eating and drinking increases. Should the World Cup football tournament come with a health warning. Anyone watching the England game yesterday would have been depressed at the halfway point. 2 – 1 to Germany and a goal not given although clearly over the line. It’s depressing to have to come to terms with defeat but this a common theme with the British football team. After the match some argued that the players were not motivated enough. Their weekly salaries can be as much as £100K …


The definition of psychology is rather boring given the subject matter. However, it’s quite simply – the study of human behaviour.

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