Dying to Break the Laws of Nature

Dying to Break the Laws of Nature

In a World full of data what do you trust?

The British independent Office National Statistics (ONS) collects and publishes datat collected from official departments across the UK.  This includes data for live births and deaths.

So if you are born you are counted as a live birth.  If you die you are counted as a death.  Sounds simple?  It is.

The number of people born every year is recorded and the number of people dying gets counted.

Simple to understand?  Yes it is.  It becomes complicated when trying to solve the mystery of death.  Why do people die?  People die for all manner of reasons and no one would argue this is a happy topic.  There is no joy in death.  At least not for the ‘normal’ person.  Humans grieve for the loss of a loved one.  No matter their age.  Often the young die in circumstances very different from the old. Suicide, road traffic accidents, knife crime, drugs and of course cancer and disease.

The young rarely die from ‘old age’ though the cause can be the same.

Not all the old aged people fall asleep surrounded by their loved ones.  Peacefully slipping away with all their family members by their side.  No, often it is the hospital bed, alone and miserable.  The lifeless end of life ward.

Cause of death is recorded.  A human obsesion ?  The need to know to advance medical knowledge in the pursuit of science and understanding?

Death because of old age is a fascinating topic.  Why do some humans live beyond the average life expectancy and why do others simple have organ failure ‘before their time’.

Who decides when your time is up?

Whose decision was it to take a ride in the car that hits a tree on a dark night?  Who decides to eat fish and chips all too often and suffers a heart attack?

Fat diesease thin disease who decides?  Exercise no exercise who decides?

Lung disease, one of the biggest killers of humans.  Respiratory illness and disease.  How and why?  Pollutants in the air, airbourne viruses.  The causes are all too often out of the control of humans.  Nature has its rules and humans try to obey or even break the law!

Nature presents tabacco but didn’t force it to be inhaled.







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