How humans understand this question and how they answer it, (if at all they can be interested), is down to but a few quirks about humans.

Most humans will be intrigued by sensational headlines especially if the headline is current and novel.

Another bush fire headline after weeks of bush fires isn't going to be as intriguing as when the news first broke.

Equally people who are seasoned to bush fires may only become intrigued if the bush fire season started earlier and caused more deaths sooner than usual.  Half way through the bush fire season with fewer fires and no deaths would hardly cause reason to be intrigued by a scary headline unless the headline suggested otherwise.

'Silent death': Australia's bushfires push countless species to extinction - (1) Jan 2020

The current NHS crisis in the UK and across the Globe (COVID-19 2020) the media and Governments across the World have escalated reasons to panic and be scared.  The reasons to be scared because humans are weathered to death headlines.

Since WW2 headlines from the media have been studied against the emotional affects on humans.

The media exaggerates negative news. This distortion has consequences

So why are humans in civilised populations induced with fear and panic headline scary stories?


NHS issues warning on norovirus as more than 1,100 hospital beds are closed

Rise in norovirus and flu cases as first major signs of the NHS being hit by winter emerge

KILLER BUG - Norovirus kills 200,000 people every year – everything you need to know to protect your family

The truth is the 200,000 that die every year is spread across the World. Yes it is a very real virus and it can be avoided by practicing the very same hygiene rules we all learn from toilet training.  Have a guess where in the World there are the most cases? The British NHS service has suffered over the years because of poor hygenie practice and those with underlying illnesses are most affected.


UK could be worst hit by coronavirus in Europe with 66,000 deaths, scientists warn

Needless to say people dying for reasons out of the norm a) make a good 'scary' headline and b) induce fear more than is healthy.

But why do this intentionally?  Why would a group of individuals approve and agree among themselves that this form of communication is of benefit to the human race?  Because it generates revenue for the group that approve the content creation and delivery method?  Or it truly provides genuine awareness to reasons to be scared.  You may die! You can save other people's lives by adhering to the Government.

Don't play with matches someone will get burned!

1 in 5 people die!

'Alarming' one in five deaths due to sepsis

  • 16 January 2020

(News just broken that 55% of UK population exposed to fake news!) Given the above headlines have been written by professional journalists and published by credible publications where does fake news originate?  Who believes it and who is controlling free flowing information that is factual.


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