What a Disgrace – No Deal!

In the clear light of day anyone mildly interested in the United Kingdom can be safe knowing you have been treated like a fool. Yes the entire nation has been treated like fools. Fools for having to listen and watch the scripts performed by the media and politicians, written by ‘X’?  Care to guess who writes the scripts?

The keeping my job safe script reading actors have been working overtime. Scripts that are aired and shown to the nation of sheep.

When the people voted yes or no to leave the UK yes meant remain and no meant leave. At what point someone decided the UK could only leave with a deal is where everyone in the UK started to be treated like fools.

Leave the EU and start negotiating a trade deal. Negotiating during a transition period. If no deal agreed, trading continues as it would for any other country not in the EU! Hard Brexit! Remember the hard and soft brexit phrases. Where are they now.

3 years of remaining in the EU has been a charade of disgraceful behaviour. By Politicians, Broadcasters and Journalists.  Whilst the public are left powerless.  Another reminder for the masses for how little power they have.  The system will do as it pleases all the time, everytime.  No matter how you vote or what you vote for, the system has an agenda of its own!

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