What a Disgrace – No Deal!

In the clear light of day anyone mildly interested in the United Kingdom can be safe knowing you have been treated like a fool. Yes the entire nation has been treated as fools. Fools for having to listen and watch the scripts written by the media and politicians. The keeping my job safe scripts have […]

The reason for voting is?

Who casts a vote without knowing the future of their decision? Who forces people to vote on a life changing decision that an outcome is unknown? Why do dumb furry creatures run off the edge of a cliff enmass?

Public Sector Pay Who Pays

It’s an age old problem. Tax! Who likes to pay tax? Some ‘workers’ state they don’t mind paying an extra bit of tax if it helps build a better society. What does that actually mean in the real world. Who can afford to contribute to the tax man who isn’t already struggling to make ends […]