Public Sector Pay Who Pays

It’s an age old problem. Tax! Who likes to pay tax? Some ‘workers’ state they don’t mind paying an extra bit of tax if it helps build a better society. What does that actually mean in the real world. Who can afford to contribute to the tax man who isn’t already struggling to make ends meet? The wealthy are all too often the target to raise more taxes. The rich have all the money they can afford to pay more tax!

What does anyone expect from a rich person that is fair. How did the rich person raise their personal fortune or were they just born into wealth. What’s the difference? The wealth of an individual given their wealth was amassed according to the rule of law belongs to who? The public sector? The tax man?

There are hundreds of thousands of people benefitting from the tax man, employed and part of the public sector. A sector that can only exist through the purse of the tax man. Get rid of the private sector and you will be living in a communist state! Get rid of the private sector and everyone becomes an employee of the public sector.  Who is generating the wealth to be taxed?

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