The Cost of Death Research

Research is great when it tells us something true. But when the research is blindingly misleading who benefits? Manipulating and massaging data to mislead should be a crime.

Here is a perfect example. Research conducted that shows an increase in deaths is the result of spending cuts in the British NHS.

It’s a crime to make a suggestion when there are clearly no accurate way to determine how 45,000 people died in which circumstances. A number that is also higher naturally due to an increased number of births that year for the age group >60. In fact the same report suggests a further increase in mortality rates for the future whilst stating the cause is lack of government spending and not an increase in births in the period 60 years ago. The baby boom period! An increased number of births will naturally increase the number of deaths. Which has to be completey unrelated to how much cash is spent on the health care service.

Before this dewcriptive was written two of the researchers were contacted several times with no reply.  One of the researchers is the Director of a Care Home for the elderly.



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