Stupid Humans Fox Clever in F1 Race

As you can probably guess from the title, humans are not that clever! The fox will survive whilst the human struggles for every breath of air available. Spewing C02 into the earths atmosphere is not foxing clever.

Ban fox hunting, its barbaric, it’s inhumane.  Promote F1 it’s so clever!

Humans should know better!

Killing a poor defenceless animal just for fun is for the rich.

Fox hunting isn’t a sport, it’s a jolly for the rich and privileged.

You know where this is going?

Come on have a guess? I’ll give you a clue.

Brmmm Brmmm Brmmmmmmm… F1 go, go, go

Why would anyone want to ban a sport for the rich and privileged that harms the future of human life?

Ban F1

Ban Motor sports.

Cycle and walk you stupid human.

Campaigning and lobbying government to change laws to prevent bad things is a good thing.  Determining what is bad and harmful is an art.  An art in political manipulation.

Sting has been campaigning for decades to stop cutting down the rainforests.  Yet the lungs of Planet Earth have eroded to thepoint they now produce more CO2 that reduce!

Cars will be electric before the century is complete.

The fox will be safe.

What should humans lobby government(s) to change and why will it make a difference to life on Earth ?

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