AI and the 1000 Scientists!

It’s not everyday we take science seriously, is it? Climate change for example, no one listens to the men wearing white coats.

But they possibly listen to a Hollywood Actor collecting his award, how much impact it makes on the ordinary person is a good question. Followed by who is ever going to make a difference, what single person will reduce the production of harmful gases.

Harmful gases that will eventually impact on humans not the planet. But which humans will it impact the most? The rich or the poor?

Surely all this climate change is just data the planet will be fine, humans will be fine. Humans will kill themselves in the end and maybe its the 1000 signatures made by the world’s leading scientists that know how.

AI and machines made to harm or do good. Seriously what are they really replacing.

We know they are generating wealth for a select few, so what benefit are they proposing to have on the human race. It all sounds very much like a combination of Matrix and Terminator but it also sounds very real.

But for how long will this be droned out.

The average human is blissfully stupid. So, technically there is no real need to highlight the dangers of replacing human function with that produced by machine. It hasn’t stopped the automotive industry increasing it’s capacity year after year.

Being efficient at producing machines that can produce more CO2 is home goal for the human. It’s a win win loose problem no one can be bothered to discuss. Just another necessary evil to keep humans busying themselves with the continued improvement of life on earth. Yes, this is irony we’re all contributing to the destruction.

How long will this be droned out.

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