Universities across the World unite and provide research to help solve problems of the World.

Planet Earth becomes a heavenly place to dwell. Crime is almost zero, hatred is a thing of the past.

Illicit drug addiction and associated anguish have all become historical problems.

Child abuse and rape crime has been removed from human behaviour. Jealousy and envy left behind and shackled as ancient memories. None of this would have been possible without the whole being greater than the sum of it’s parts.

A vision for a better future for humans on Earth.

A vision to change behaviour of the future failed.  Research did not coordinate and no  action was taken on findings.

Making change for the better was possible.  Psychology had to be held to account for practicing bystander apathy research

The above was written at speed in 2011 fast forward to 2015 and read this

Once you’ve read the article on research cuts ask a few more questions.

What is being researched?

What breakthroughs from funded research have led to problems being solved?

Now list all the problems that should be considered a problem to be solved.

Now ask how much research has been carried out in these areas and to what cost.

Plot a graph.

Would you like to see my predicted graph? email freud@humanbehaviour.co.uk